Classic Woodside-Pescadero-Tunitas loop today

The “Classic” Woodside-Pescadero-Tunitas loop. Click on the map for details and downloadable files for Garmin computers

Finally, I think I’ve figured out how to do the Garmin bike computer thing right and create something that customers can download and find useful for rides.

Today we started with the classic Woodside-Pescadero-Tunitas Creek ride. As with most Chain Reaction rides, this one starts from Olive Hill & Canada Road in Woodside.

Click on the map to the left and you’ll be taken to the relevant page on, the website I used to create this ride. You’ll need to create a free account on their website, or you can download the actual file needed for a Garmin Edge 50o or 800 file from our own website here- downloading the .tcx file

More on this shortly.

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