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Fog & drizzle doesn’t scare ’em away!

Another Tuesday, another pretty big group at the start of the ride. Names? No way. Anything over 10 and I’m lost. But we did see Kevin (the pilot) back at full speed, with plenty of other high-speed company including Jim & Marcus & Chris & Karl was beginning to look pretty strong again too! The other Kevin (that would be my son) was a bit off his game and probably would have benefited greatly from a ride yesterday to loosen up the legs after Sunday’s tough ride.  I don’t really know just how fast the fast guys were going; just before the first hairpin I dropped back to Kevin, who was struggling a bit, but before that we were climbing at about a 25 minute pace (which meant I wasn’t going to hang on too long anyway!).

We were joined at the top-of-Kings regroup by Millo, who said he’s going to be joining us on a regular basis again now that his kids are in school, and out on west-side Old LaHonda came across “Hill Slug” (that’s what she’s got on her bike’s top tube, but the reality is that she’s pretty strong) aka Lisa S, descending towards the coast in the fog. Did I mention the fog? It hadn’t been too bad except for parts of Skyline, but it was enough to dampen the road, and my speed, on the descent into Woodside. Didn’t slow Kevin down any though; from a distance I watched as he sped through the turns with Karl and Karen. Me? I got rattled pretty badly in one of the corners (for no good reason) and actually stopped briefly to make sure my tires weren’t flat. The weather forecast is much nicer for Thursday, and I’m looking forward to dry roads. –Mike–

A good long climb and you’ll feel better

The lower parts of Highway 9 are not entirely without charm

It sounded a bit odd as I said it, and yet it made complete sense. Kevin and I were at mile 65 or so of our 114-mile round trip to Santa Cruz, on the least-fun part through the San Lorenzo Valley, battling lots of traffic, a not-very-wide road and little junk climbs that just wear you down. Basically, a ride without rhythm. Once you get a few miles past Boulder Creek you finally get to the good stuff, the long climb up Highway 9, first to Waterman Gap and then on to Skyline. About 10 miles of relatively-serious climbing and dramatically less traffic than the valley floor.

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