Col du Glandon/Galibier loop. 101 miles, 13,700ft of climbing. Easy! (not)

The longest day? Maybe! Two flat tires delayed us enough that we barely got back before dark, but we did it. Col du Glandon, Col de Croix de Fer , Telegraphe and the Galibier. This was the big ride we hoped to accomplish, and we did. Was it easy? No. Memorable? Heck yeah! We pushed ourselves to the limit, and had not a few but many people staring at our silly “little” bikes. Do they ride as nice as a Trek Madone? No way. But you can’t put a Trek Madone into a suitcase and easily travel with it!

Click here for photos and descriptions of the ride. –Mike–

5 thoughts on “Col du Glandon/Galibier loop. 101 miles, 13,700ft of climbing. Easy! (not)

    1. It really was a great ride; the only part that I could do without would be that back stretch through the industrial valley between the base of the Cod de Croix de Fer and Telegraphe. This was the first year we went to France with the idea of not just seeing the TdF but actually getting in a few darned good rides, and it worked out really well. Will I go back? Each year I maintain I’ve done this enough times, this will be the last for a while. And each year I end up going back again. I suspect next year will be no different, especially now that we’ve got “extended range” capability so we can create some new, exciting loops in the Pyrenees that weren’t practical before. –Mike–

  1. You’ll confuse people with col de fer, actually there is a cross up there that you saw and it is the col de croix de fer (iron cross). Great ride, I ‘ve done it all except the descent from croix de fer. You can do Alpert d’Huez in that same, augmented loop!

    1. Thanks, never noticed I screwed up on the name of the climb. Actually that page was never completed, something else I didn’t realize! It’s an epic ride and worthy of a decent description along with maps etc. And yes, I’m aware that the real tough guys toss in Alpe d’Huez as well! Don’t think my son is quite up to that yet though. Next time, maybe.

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