No more 6:45am wake-up on Tuesday & Thursday mornings!

Before Kevin (my son, not the pilot) started riding with us, I had it timed where I could wake up at 7:05am and have plenty of time to get out the door by 7:30 and make it to the 7:45am start. When Kevin got out of school a couple weeks ago, he wasn’t quite up to speed for our ride, so we would leave about 5 minutes early and get a head start up the hill. Add to that 5 minutes another 10 minutes to get him going in the morning, plus factor in a bit slower pace getting to the ride, and you’ve got me getting up a fair amount earlier than I’d prefer. That was then; this is now.

In the space of just a couple of weeks Kevin’s times have improved so much that he can now start the ride with the group, and we’ve refined the “getting going” process to the point where it doesn’t take him too much longer than me. Yes, he has to eat something before we set out the door (for me, rides shorter than 50 miles don’t require anything more than Cytomax), but the move from cereal to a clif bar has both improved his riding and gotten us out the door faster. Next week, 7am is going to be early enough! Whether we can get to my preferred time of 7:05am I’m not sure of, but I can live with 7. So much better not seeing a “6” as the first digit on the clock.

Kevin quickly getting off his bike as a seizure begins
Today’s ride was, once again, a bit more “eventful” than I would have preferred. Since it was a Thursday we did a ride up through the park; the park run kills me but Kevin (and everyone else) did fine. All remained well until we got to the steeper middle section (past the half-way hairpin) when Kevin, riding strongly just ahead of me, suddenly pulls up lame and drifts quickly back. “Seizure?” I asked? Yep. I quickly turned around, told him to get off his bike, and he was shortly on the ground. Karl, Jon & Eric rode on while I tended to Kevin for what had to have been his fastest-ever seizure & recover… looking at the video I shot, it was almost exactly one minute from initial onset to down on the ground to back up on the bike again, riding strong. Within about 5 minutes we’d caught up again to the guys, with Kevin none the worse for wear.

We met up with Millo at the top and had a good run across Skyline and down to west-side Old LaHonda, where Karl set the pace, just like old times, with me trying to hang onto his wheel. He was being kind today and didn’t try too hard to shake me, with Eric, Jon & Millo chatting & riding “casual” a bit behind, and Kevin in the middle. Main thing for Kevin to work on now is sprinting; he’s having a tough time getting up to and maintaining speed on the Albion finale.

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