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This is from yesterday’s (6/12/2011) climb up West Alpine Road, one of the classic Bay Area climbs. Fantastic ride and can be part of a pretty short (under 40 miles) ride from Woodside. Below is an example of a 35 mile ride starting & ending in Woodside. A very challenging 35 mile ride to be sure, with two good climbs (Old LaHonda and West Alpine). Food & water is available in LaHonda, but once on the West Alpine climb you’re on your own, so bring two full water bottles. –Mike–

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4 thoughts on “West Alpine video now up

  1. Nice video! You picked a good day to do it. Saturday was the Sequoia Workers’ Ride, and it was tree-raining as I call it, due to the extremely thick fog. Descending down W Alpine was quite treacherous, and since visibility was down to 100 yards or less in places, I missed all the neat stuff you pointed out on your video. I shall have to do that climb when it’s more pleasant! 🙂

    1. West Alpine isn’t my favorite descent anyway, but I prefer it to going down the other side (Page Mill), which we did yesterday. Actually we went down Page Mill and then Moody, so quite a long time solidly on the brakes! It’s also a lot easier to notice things when you’re climbing. Something about spending more “quality time” with your surroundings at 6-8mph vs 30-45. Lots of “quality time” when climbing West Alpine! –Mike–

  2. Really nice video, Mike. Less shaky than a lot of the amateur ride videos I’ve seen on YouTube. Can you tell us what kind of camera and mount you are using? Thanks – Pete

  3. It still troubles me to see you and your riding partner blow through stop signs. I think it is better to come to a complete stop at all stop signs, even the ones out in the middle of nowhere. That’s how I drive, and that’s how I ride.

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