Yes, I rode yesterday

Hate it when I miss a day’s Almost-Daily Diary Entry. Things just got a bit out of hand yesterday; too many things to get done in far too little time. We were engaged in further remodeling of our Redwood City location (not much you’ll really notice, just different types of racks to display bikes a bit better and open things up more). But I’ll try to recount the ride as best I can recall.

Roll call. Well darned if I can remember completely; I’ll take a look at some of the video I shot and try to figure it out. Karl and George were there at the start, and we later picked up Marcus just before the climb (hate that; why can’t he join us at the top and spare us the agony of his speed up the hill?). Millo was there at the top. Oh, right, Chris showed up for the first time, rocketing up from behind.

This is what a nasty tar stripe looks like. Nothing nasty, but I slid out pretty badly on this one!

Wet. Yes, it was wet. Drizzly, almost rain, with tar stripes feeling like they’d been painted over with grease on the descents. For those who like their hills green, this is great weather. But y’know, I’m ready for seasonal brown. It’s time. But the weather for Sunday’s Sequoia Century is not looking very good right now!

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