Some days the legs have it, some days they don’t. But it’s still a great day to ride a bike!

It will be nice when it finally warms up, when the pavement is finally dry everywhere on our Tuesday/Thursday morning ride, when I’ve finally got my weight down to where I want it. OK, actually that last project is coming along fairly well; I really can’t complain too much when I’m sitting at 171 or so, a couple pounds lighter than this time last year. Would I like to be at 158? You bet. Do I have the willpower to do what it takes to get there? Uh… no. But the combination of my three weekly training/recreational/fitness rides plus the commuting I’ve tacked on is allowing me to feel like I’ve done an effective job of reversing the negative aspects of getting older.

So if this one morning out of the past many months I’ve felt like my legs just didn’t feel very lively, it’s not the end of the world. It wasn’t fun watching the guys (Eric, Karl, Marcus & John) ride on ahead of me through the park (it’s a Thursday so we often ride up through Huddart Park to Kings), but one bad day out of a hundred I can live with.  And, it helps me to not take for granted my decent health; there are many who, on their best days, don’t get to feel as good as I do on a bad day.

Not too much unusual on the ride this morning, other than watching a Scrub Jay pickup up what looked at first like a mouse and then realizing it was actually a baby rabbit (on west-side Old LaHonda). This surprised us; Scrub Jays aren’t that big! But it might explain why we haven’t seen many rabbits so far this year. Glad we don’t have to live in fear of death diving down on us from the skies.

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