Tuesday’s ride- rain. Remember, we ride in the rain, so you don’t have to.

My son, Kevin (not the pilot) was a bit unhappy about Senior Cut Day at Woodside High School being on a Tuesday, because… because it meant he couldn’t sleep in. Now that LaCrosse season is over, he needs to get back into proper riding shape, which means not passing up opportunities to ride. Like this morning! Not only did he get up earlier than he wanted to, but got to ride in the rain as well. Along with the other Kevin (the pilot), Karen, no Karl (asked Karen about that, and she looked at me like I was crazy, saying “Look at the sky!” as in it’s raining, you think he’d show?), but we did meet up with Millo at the top. Kevin and Karen were sensible enough to cut their losses and descend back down Kings, while “my” Kevin & Millo continued on, getting soaked and wondering why a continuous light rain seems to sting the eyes so much more than a heavy downpour. We did pass up the opportunity to ride the west-side Old LaHonda section, choosing instead to get back down to lower (and warmer) elevations as quickly as possible.

We’re glad we rode, but looking forward to not having to leave bikes outside so they can drip-dry. Remember, we ride in the rain so you don’t have to! –Mike–

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