Today’s post seems anti-climactic after Thurday’s near-viral car crash video

I was really hoping today would be the last ride for my rain bike this season, but looks like it stays upstairs for a couple more days after looking at Tuesday’s forecast. I shouldn’t complain much; look at the cancelled first stage of the Tour of California, due to snow and cold. Could be worse! Nothing quite so epic for my ride; we waited out the worst of the rain this morning, finally heading out at noon for a short (39 mile) ride in the foothills, made a bit more interesting by first climbing up “walking” Joaquim (as the end of Alpine Road in Portola Valley) in a brief hail storm, and then punishing ourselves a bit more by riding up Page Mill just past Foothill Park and then down Moody before heading home. Kevin was doing fine but I felt really sluggish, probably because I’m fighting off one of those short-lived sore throat/head cold things that have been making their rounds.

But I’ve got nothing as interesting to say or show as last Thursday’s ride, in the post immediately below this. The video for that ride has gone semi-viral, already up to 7500 views in just a few days. Contrast that to the normal 100-200 my prior videos get seen (although my bike commute video is up to 750 or so). I shouldn’t be surprised that my experiences with our website would mirror TV… violence and gore sells! –Mike–

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