Yesterday’s ride

Yes, I did ride yesterday, and it was just a bit different from the norm. Only John & Markus & darn, blanking out on this which is why it’s so important for me to get these ride reports in without much delay! Ah, now I’m remembering, Millo was there at the start; he’d planned to leave early but had a flat. He dropped back pretty quickly on the climb, probably because his tire was low on air and slowing him down, so I hung with the fast guys until dropping off to check up on Millo about halfway up.

I drifted to a crawl and finally backtracked a bit to finally find Millo, at the start of the “open” section, with yet another flat tire. I loaned him a tube, helped him check his rimstrip (but not well enough, as he had more flats later), and then rode on, knowing the other guys would have stopped waiting for me and continued riding. Meantime, Syl rides on past on his way to the coast just as I’m about to get going, so eventually I’ve got company again on the run along Skyline and down 84 to west-side Old LaHonda.

Heading up west-side Old LaHonda, you can look across the valley and see where you’ll be in another 8 minutes or so, but I saw nobody; John would have been much farther ahead by now. So I was really surprised when I did come across 3 guys a bit further on, and even-more surprised by who they were. Jan (who’d been spending a lot of time at Tahoe this winter), Eric and Karl. They’d all met, by coincidence, about 5 minutes before the normal start of the ride, and all figured they could use a bit of a head start. This is the new chess-playing Karl (we’re going to have to find a way for him to play chess while riding if we’re going to get him back in shape!), not the killer-Karl that I’m used to. I suspect it won’t be long before he’s his old self again.

This ride was truly like no other before. I spent time with at least three sets of people on the road, on a day as unlike last Thursday as could possible be (last Thursday being the infamous “yellow blob” on the weather radar day). But still, no rabbits. Maybe soon.

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