First look at the new look in Redwood City store, and the end of rain!

I should be more careful so as not to jinx things, but it appears that the end of our long string of rainy days may finally be at hand! There’s still a threat of a bit of rain later on today (Sunday) but after that, nothing in the long-range forecast but sun and, if you can believe it, 76 degrees by next Thursday!

A customer looking at a Trek Madone 6.7 in front of our new Project One & Fit center

We began to see larger numbers of customers coming into the store today, a trend that’s likely going to be increasing at a fast pace with improving weather. And, we unveiled our new Project One & Fit Center! Boy, that sounds impressive doesn’t it? It’s just a corner of our Redwood City store, but it does put our fantastic bikes in a better light, and watching the floor today it was obvious that customers coming in were really taking notice of bikes that had previously just kinda been there.

We’ve got a lot more to do; lighting, more displays, and figure out what to do with our floor (the carpet is showing its 13 years of use). We’re also working on procedures to put into place that should help streamline the bike-buying process, making it less-confusing and being more helpful figuring out what to get with a new bike. No rocket science there; some of our staff looked over a lot of bike sales in the computer and came up with a list of what people typically get with a bike. What a concept!

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