No rabbits yet

It’s still winter, and just a few days past that really cold spell, and yet it feels like we’re on a warming trend, as if Spring is just around the corner. I’m probably being way too optimistic, and will likely find Thursday’s ride both cold & wet! But for today, let me have my fantasy.

Large group at the start, with Karen, Karl, Eric, Ludo, John, George, Kevin… that might cover it. Civilized pace up the hill, and as soon as I figure out how to use Adobe Premiere Elements to edit the video I took, I’ll have some decent footage of Kings Mountain. Thankfully, my riding is going better than my video editing skills! I’m not feeling fast overall, but there is something there. But on mornings like this, how can you not feel fantastic?

The remark about rabbits comes from west-side Old LaHonda, where, soon, small rabbits will make their presence known along the sides of the road as we ride past. No sightings yet, but I did see one a week ago just outside of Pescadero, so they’re coming soon.

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