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Millo’s ride report (while Mike’s away)

Mike – just in case you think we all stay home when you are away. Quite the social day:

A balmy 46 degrees at the start. A light rain had passed thru around 6 so the roads were wet. By 7:45 we had a few “blue clouds” winking at us through the cloud layer. Kevin, John, picked up Chris on Skyline, two others whose names escape me. In honor of your absence we went up through the Park and found both bottom and top gates wide open for us. A brief stop at the entrance to disrobe. I was way off the pace and told them to go ahead and I’d catch them at the top of WOLH. While climbing up Skyline to WOLH I met Larry, one of the 9:00 ride guys, who had headed up Kings early and was clearing the road for your ride. He’s doing a TNT ride Saturday and looking forward to the projected 31 degree temperatures. After a word with him I headed off and met a runner who just happens to be the daughter of my parents’ college housemate. A quick word with her and then the guys were coming along Skyline so I bid a hasty adieu and hot footed after them – only to have my left shift lever snap off and go flying into the roadside bushes. So my 20 speed is now a 10 speed and I’m stuck in my 39 front chain ring. At least I still have 10 working gears! Fortunately the wet roads kept everybody tame so I could hang on down 84 and then peeled off and limped home on Mt Home where I met up with Steve Lubin and six of the 9:00 ride guys who were heading over to Alpine Rd. Quite the social morning as that’s a total of 14 people I chatted with. Try doing that in an automobile!

Be safe,  Millo

I’m just a couple days ahead of the rest of you-

A scene from the High & The Mighty?

Once more Steve and I leave the shop in capable hands and travel to the land of ice & snow (which, apparently, is about to happen to the SF Bay Area upon our return!). Nothing beats sitting in a cramped commuter airplane for an hour waiting for it to be de-loused, er, I mean, de-iced.

This trip we’re going to be learning advanced bicycle fit, the sort of thing where we analyze flexibility of joints and various other observations that go well beyond just doing measurements (which just puts you in the ballpark; we’ve always used the measurements as a starting point and then observe someone actually riding). Should be an interesting day ahead of us, assuming we get enough sleep to be alert enough to absorb all the information that’s going to be thrown at us!