Video from the Tuesday, Feb 22nd edition of the Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride

Finally, viewable video from the Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride. Unedited and a bit long, with a few dull spots, but captures the west side of Old LaHonda quite nicely, especially the run through the forest at the top, which is a difficult spot to get pictures of.

It took a long time to figure out how to keep the camera from rattling around and giving an excessively-jumpy picture. What remains is audio; the placement of the microphone on the Contour HD1080 isn’t the greatest, and there’s a fair amount of rattling coming from my levers. Working on it. But for now, I’m excited that I will finally be able to put together some useful video after all these years!

Look for an edited, annotated version of this video in a few days. –Mike–

7 thoughts on “Video from the Tuesday, Feb 22nd edition of the Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride

    1. Interesting observation. I hadn’t paid close attention to such details; I was mainly trying to figure out how to make ride videos that weren’t too shaky. Can’t imagine how bad I might look!!! I did drop my seat about 4mm before yesterday’s ride, to try and address a mild hamstring soreness behind the left knee. Since it wasn’t a high-output ride, I don’t know if the subsequent lack of pain (actually a dull ache) was a result of dropping the seat or just not riding hard. Tomorrow is another day!

      Once I learn how to edit, I might put together a video of the “two Kevins” showing how each, when moving from seated to standing position, drop back into my front wheel. Pilot Kevin knows this, but my son doesn’t believe he does it. Of course, maybe I do it as well and just don’t realize it, but who would know, because I’m usually at the back.

  1. Video looks great. I just got a Contour GPS. How did you mount the camera? I am trying to figure out the best options (handlebars, frame, helmet)?

    Also, what settings are you using on the camera? 720p 30fps?


    1. Check out the Feb 22nd entry where I show a picture of the camera mounted to the bike. I had to buy the XL handlebar mount, and then add the rubber bands shown to damp the vibration. Without the rubber bands, the video is nearly-useless due to vibration. Mounting on a helmet will work fine for many, with a reasonably-stable image (generally less vibration than you get mounted to any part of the bike). But in my case, I move my head too much when riding and, when climbing, tilt my head a bit compared to when I’m riding on the flats.

      Video was set at 720p so I could film at 135 degree wide-angle (I figure I’ve got a better chance at catching something worth seeing if I catch more).

      It could still be better; if I could attach rubber bands to both front & back of the unit, it would be even more stable. Trouble is, you have to leave room for the record switch. –Mike–

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