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You can’t get there from here/The Completion Backwards Principle

All these years and that’s probably my first reference to the presumably-long-gone SF-grown “musical” group, The Tubes. In their waning days, they produced an album named “The Completion Backwards Principle.” A fitting description of today’s ride, which we did… backward. Something I’ve thought about doing for some time, but today there was a compelling reason to do so.

Why? Was it because we’ve been doing the exact same thing, twice a week, for way more than 20 years, maybe 30, up to 39 years if you count the rides I did when I used to race? That would make sense, except that this is the always-punctual always-reliable thus always-predictable Tuesday/Thursday-morning 7:45am ride. Up Kings, north on Skyline to 84, down 84 west to west-side Old LaHonda and ride that back up to Skyline, then back down 84 into Woodside. This is what we do.

But not today. Continue reading You can’t get there from here/The Completion Backwards Principle

Film at 11

Nigel, Mike, Kevin & Karl at Sky Londa after heading up 84

You might have noticed there were no photos in today’s ride report, a rarity. That’s because I’m finally coming up with a workable solution for shooting video on our rides, using the Contour HD camera. The problem had been the mounting system; until recently, they only had a helmet mount (probably better for off-road use, as head movements can be distracting) and a bike mount for small-diameter bars. They finally came out with a mount for oversized (which are now the norm) road bars, and I took it for its first test this morning.

Two bike computers and a video camera. Isn't that standard equipment these days?

Still a few bugs in the system; the way I had it set up, it would sometimes hit my left leg when standing, which caused me to knock it out of place a couple of times (not to mention mess with my climbing!). I finally stopped 2/3rds of the way through the ride and re-oriented it to have its body more inward than outward, which did the trick.

No videos to show yet, just the shot at the top of this post, done from a print screen. It’s going to take a while to get the image stabilized and learn how to use Adobe Premiere, but I’ll get there.