They had fun while I was gone (Tuesday/Thursday-morning ride)

While I was heading to the airport to catch a flight to arctic regions (Wisconsin), the rest of the guys, and then some, were enjoying yet another spectacular “winter” day in Northern California. Millo brings home the report below-

Hey Mike,

A jaw dropping brilliant beautiful clear day for a ride. January in California is hard to beat!   49 deg when I rolled out the driveway. Spectacular views to the ocean while climbing WOLH. Kevin (pilot), Eric, Nigel, and a bunch of folks who knew Kevin and were giving him a non-stop ribbing about the fact that his friend, Leslie, is moving back to the Bay Area for a while. In your absence the peleton rolled along at a slow and relaxed pace, not getting up to me near the water tank on Skyline until 8:37 – a good 7 minutes off the “normal“ Thursday pace. We redeemed ourselves slightly as we were back at my driveway at 9:35, only 5 minutes off the “normal” slow pace. 

Larry, a friend who usually joins Steve Lubin’s 9:00 ride, headed up at 7:25 because he was worried he’d be spat out the back.  We never even saw him!  Just a few minutes of a head start can be hard to claw back – especially when one dawdles.

 Be safe, Millo

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