So much fun for just $10!

Another renal scan for Kevin, hopefully showing things to be normal or perhaps abnormal in a way that suggests an obvious cure for his kidney issues. This is one of the less-fun tests because they’re measuring the speed and efficiency of the kidney sending fluid to the bladder… a bladder getting progressively fuller as the test goes on. The process is artificially accelerated by an IV with a chemical Kevin says simulates the full-bladder experience on a plane when the seatbelt sign comes on just as you’re getting up to go.

So far, so good. He’s had no further issues (no extreme pain from kidney stones or other obstructions). We’re hoping it stays that way!

The reference to “So much fun for just $10” comes from the co-pay cost of this visit. We’re kinda getting co-paid out with this kid; we’re extremely thankful we can afford decent medical coverage, but the co-pays for the past year are going to be running into the many thousands of dollars (for various drugs and doctor visits and tests etc). So it just seemed a bit strange that something as involved as a kidney scan, which requires exotic equipment, a nurse and a doctor, plus IVs and radioactive stuff, only had a $10 co-pay. –Mike–

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