No pilot today, but riding with flaps fully extended

If it’s going to rain, then let it rain well before the ride, or afterward. Today, it was after. So far, we’re actually having a pretty good record for avoiding the rain this winter!

No Ludo today, no Kevin (the pilot), no Karl (who’s still doing his ‘cross thing). Just myself, Eric, Marcus and Chris this morning, riding is much warmer, almost balmy conditions. 50-55 degrees! But the air was so heavy with moisture that your glasses (or at least my glasses) frequently fogged up, and you could tell we were right on the edge of fog. Even at the start, 52 degrees, you could see the condensation in your breath. As a result, even though there was no rain, the roads were pretty wet (which seemed to affect me a lot more concerned on the descents than the rest of the guys).

The arrows point to Chris's "flaps" which were fully engaged climbing west-side Old LaHonda

We had a fairly easy, non-Marcus-like pace up Kings, punctuated only by my attempt to drive hard on the steep middle section, which is always followed by┬áthe need to stop at a bar and rest for a day or two. Too bad I don’t drink and there are no bars on the ride.

Even though Chris was holding back, he still looks fast, as you can see in the photo. Heading up west-side Old LaHonda, his windbreaker flying wide, you think of Chris on a climb or a sprint and you think “fast.”

The descent on 84 was not much fun for me; I’d much rather ride on dry pavement or in pouring rain. The inconsistent traction when things are damp causes me to lose my nerve. Hate that. Also hate it in the final sprint when Chris takes off and I just can’t quite get there. But tomorrow is another day!

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