Our customers are the best!

Santa pays us a visitWhat would Christmas be without a visit from Santa? And that’s what we got today, as Brad dropped by on his Madone in full Santa dress, one of the few out riding this winter seriously over-heating!

A very special bike for a very special girl

Christmas Eve can be a tad bit crazy for the retail business, as you’re dealing with all manner of last-second issues with a rock-solid time requirement for resolution. Today has been no exception, and so far, so good! The pink girl’s bike that a Dad had been looking all over for and called shortly after we opened… somehow we had it in stock, and I personally went over it making sure it was spotless & shining & installed the airspeed indicators (OK, handlebar streamers if you wish) and on any other day I might be wondering if this is the best use of my time but not today. The smile that little girl is going to have when she gets her new bike is even more important than a happy Madone 6.9 uber-high-end roadbike customer (which, interestingly, would be Brad in the Santa suit!). That’s what we’re here for. That little girl is our future!

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