Woodside’s at it again

(Reprinted from the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s website, with my response below it)
Lunchtime parking usurps Woodside bike lane for holidays 

Submitted by Colin Heyne on November 23, 2010 – 9:23am

Less than 2 weeks after new No Stopping/Parking signs were unveiled on Woodside Road (Hwy 84) west of the Canada Road intersection in Woodside, local merchants petitioned the town to allow lunchtime parking in the bike/shoulder lanes west of the Canada Corners plaza and Robert’s grocery. On November 16, the Town Council considered a draft resolution to request Caltrans to provide an exception to the No Stopping/Parking zone from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., seven days a week.

Isn’t it wonderful when a town will tell you, hey, go play in your own backyard, why are you riding in our town? While at the same time they have no problems creating congestion in ours?

If Woodside has a parking problem, they should require larger parking allocations for each business, and, heaven forbid, more asphalt. Like other cities in the area. Better yet, look at cycling as a solution rather than a problem and encourage residents to have their kids ride to school and the adults commute by bike to Roberts for their shopping.

Woodside isn’t putting in Ikeas or In&Outs or RadioShacks or CVS Pharmacies for their residents… the same residents complaining about cyclists invading their town have no problem making sure the place for those businesses in elsewhere, and driving on “our” roads and parking in “our” parking lots.

Woodside isn’t an island to itself. Nor is the world around it. Woodside benefits because they can use the infrastructure of local, more-congested communities for their needs, and we benefit from having a place like Woodside that’s remained an ideal place to ride because of that. It is not unreasonable to expect Woodside to bend a bit for cyclists to help keep that equation in balance.  –Mike–

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  1. How about using that “parking area” to park bikes during that time period? Sort of Critical Mass, but legally parked… The bikes can use less of the width and allow pedestrians/cyclists a better view of what is ahead.

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