Yet another ride in Paradise. OK, Paradise could be a bit warmer…

OK, so is it past four on the ride where I lose track of who’s who in the zoo, or is it three, or, on a good day, five? Today it was six other guys, and the only way I can remember is to cheat and look at one of the photos I took (as usual, on west-side Old LaHonda). Chris, Ludo, Mike, Mark, John & Kevin. The high point of the ride, for me anyway, was dropping back from the fast guys about halfway up Kings to encourage Ludo. There’s always a risk doing that; sometimes, when you throttle back and wait for someone, they ride right past you and you can’t keep up. I’ve never quite figured out how that works! But today I was able to hang with Ludo and hopefully help him avoid the feeling I’m far too used to, being back there alone while the fast guys play up front.

Unfortunately, the issue of being passed by someone you wait up for has both short & long-term components. I’ve already discussed the short term; the long term issue comes from the fact that I’m not likely to be getting any faster, but guys like Ludo certainly will, and it won’t be too long before he’s up there yakking with the fast guys and I’m all alone again (Ludo’s already in the 28-something range for climbing Kings, and I suspect 27-something will be coming this spring). In the meantime, I’ll keep working on my sprinting (which had me dueling with Chris today).

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