A poor carpenter blames his tools…

Normally I would have posted this morning’s ride much sooner, but I had hopes that I could get some video footage edited and put here with it. Nope, not yet. I’ve gotten a lot better at actually shooting the video while riding; I know how to keep the bike steadier, where to point the camera, and what sort of shot looks best (basically, get some other cyclists in front of you so you don’t have just a jumpy video that says nothing about the experience of cycling but makes a great sales tool for Dramamine). I’d have the videos posted sooner if Adobe Premiere Elements was easier to figure out!

Unseasonably warm, no clouds, but I’m ready for daylight saving time to end because it’s not much fun waking up when it’s dark! Eric, John, Kevin & Ludo out there with me today, and for the first time in months a truly “casual” ride with an average speed below 16mph. A sign of things to come as the pace gradually decreases at about the same rate that, if not careful, our waist increases. I’ve never really tracked when rock-bottom is reached, but it’s definitely related to temperature.

I’ll work on getting the video stuff going shortly, and maybe look at past entries when I get a chance and compare the pace of the ride with average monthly temperatures. It would be interesting if it turned out to be a direct relationship.

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