Monthly Archives: October 2010

Up late with Kevin so didn’t ride

I woke up at 6:45am and briefly, very briefly, considered riding Tuesday morning. But having not gotten home from the ER with Kevin until something past 1am that just didn’t seem like a great idea. This late-night ER thing has played out several times recently, as his abdominal pains sometimes become extreme just about the time most of us would be ready to turn in. Hopefully today’s follow up appointment (after last week’s surgery) will come up with some answers and get him back on his feet soon!

Nobody here keeping me honest???!!! (867-4309)

Geez, I make one of the biggest mistakes on the ‘web EVER and nobody notices or cares to tell me?

The song was not 867-4309. It was 867-5309! And for those born yesterday, this is in reference to my post below, which played off the famous song “Jenny 867-5309” from Toomy Tutone. 

My first impulse was to edit the title and act like it never happened. But for that post to sit for a day, maybe 500 people viewing it, and nobody replies… well that’s a pox on all of our houses! (In the end I did change the original post to the correct number, because I’m linking to it and many won’t get the joke) –Mike–