40404- It ain’t 867-5309… it’s better! Deals sent straight to your phone!

You’d think I’d have figured out all this “social media’ stuff years ago. Twitter, blogs, Facebook & more. Well I’m getting the “blog” part down, so it’s time to move on to the rest. As of midnight last night, we now have a Twitter feed that will bring you our latest specials and some this-day-only surprises (when I can figure out what to surprise people with). Perhaps literally some rainy-day specials when I wake up to the wind blowing the rain horizontally against the windows and wonder, what silly thing could I do to bring people into the store today?

The twitter feed can be found at www.Twitter.com/crdeals but you can also have it sent straight to your phone, assuming you’ve got text messaging (and assuming you don’t pay per text, because some of mine won’t be worth much more than that 1/20 of one cent value found in the fine print of a store coupon), text follow @crdeals to 40404 (entered as if that was the phone number you were texting to).

Updates will be sporadic at first, and maybe forever. You might get one text a week, or several in one day. I’ll try to include something that you’ll wish you could leave work for sometime. 🙂

But wait, there’s more! You can get updates to our Almost-daily diary the same way. Just text follow @crbikes to 40404 and every time there’s a new post here, you’ll see it. Or go to Twitter directly at www.Twitter.com/crbikes.

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