This is exciting! (not)

No, I’m not out riding yet. Had a long night last night, as I finally figured out some of this Blog/Twitter/Facebook stuff that everyone says is crucial to the future of Chain Reaction Bicycles (“personal” marketing to customers). There’s a certain irony that I, of all people, have fallen far behind others in this regard, since we were one of the earliest and most-comprehensive and frequently-updated websites in the bike world. The genesis of this blog, the “Almost-daily diary” was my attempt to let others know they weren’t the only nuts out there with an irrational passion for cycling.

So up until 2am last night, and starting again at 8:30 this morning, I’ve been plugging away at integrating things like APIs and Keys and PHP versions so that I can send stuff backward and forward via blogs, tweets and even Facebook postings. If I’ve succeeded, this very post should show up on the new @crbikes account on twitter. I’ll know as soon as I send it. Pretty exciting, although I won’t be surprised if I add an addendum to this shortly saying the attempt #1 failed. 🙂

Addendum #1 of 3287 10:08am- First post isn’t showing up in Twitter yet, but don’t know if I’m misconfigured or it’s an issue with the Twitter service, since I’m getting “overcapacity” messages every other time I try to check it out.

Addendum #2 of 3287 10:41am- Still not posting to Twitter. Tried a few more things, looked at alternatives to “Twitter Tools” but haven’t found anything else that might be better (or more understandable). Film at 11.

Addendum #3 of 3287 12:35pm- Giving up for now; time to ride. Rain or not. It will be less frustrating than dealing with Twitter for a few more hours!

3 thoughts on “This is exciting! (not)

  1. Ueyn: Thanks, while out riding yesterday I was thinking that might be the case, and getting your message was very helpful. I’ve still got a lot to figure out, but I’m getting there. Now I have to get going on the Chain Reaction Facebook page, and get everything working together so I don’t have to update multiple things separately (blog, Twitter & Facebook). And somehow still have enough time to ride!

  2. Mike do you guys have a facebook page?

    And you need to get on google buzz too. A friend of mine uses some app that when he tweets something it automatically gets copied to buzz & facebook. I can find out what that it is if you are interested.

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