Kevin’s kidney part 42 (or is it “Survivor Day 32?”)

4 weeks and counting but it feels like we may be getting somewhere. We’ve been referred to another Urologist at Kaiser Santa Clara who seems able to put into a way we can understand just what it us that makes Kevin’s situation so difficult to nail down. Kidney stone or obstruction? New doc isn’t contradicting anything prior doc(s) said but has the advantage of not being previously frustrated (it’s new and exciting… so far) but perhaps even more important is that he has no prior baggage with us.

So more tests, mostly repeats, but with a new sense of purpose and direction. And in the end, maybe we really will have a case for the “Mystery Diagnosis” show. 🙂  Hmm. How many days from start to finish in “Survivor?” I’ll bet Burt, Chain Reaction alumnus, would know the answer to that one.

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