Fun ride with Becky!

The "other" Roberts Market, in Portola Valley

Normally Sunday would find me out on the coast or at least up to Skyline, but things didn’t quite work out as planned. This was supposed to be Kevin’s first day back on the bike, but his pains (which may yet be from Kidney stones) were much worse today than yesterday, so instead I did a short ride on “The Loop” with my daughter Becky. Yes, it was pretty darned warm, maybe hot, but she hung in there and didn’t at all mind stopping for a drink at the “new” Roberts Market that’s in Portola Valley. Hopefully we’ll see more of Becky out on the road in the future!

I’m sure people relatively-new to cycling have discovered the “new” Roberts Market, with its outside tables and bike rack. It’s us old-timers who have┬áridden “the loop” the past 30+ years that it may come as a surprise to.

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