Tiger and Lance

Tiger and Lance
Two Corgis, Tiger & Lance
One ride down, one ride to go. The plan had been for a long tough ride with my son, but a trip to Kaiser for yet another kidney stone killed that off, so while my daughter was with him at Kaiser I went out for a 17 mile ride with my wife (not quite the 110 mile ride that had been planned with Kevin!). Just a leisurely cruise through Woodside and Portola Valley, and on the way back, looking ahead on Canada Road, I see two small dogs in the distance, with that “propellor” look that can only mean they’re Corgis (“propellor” because the two ears and nose/mouth form a perfect 3-bladed propellor look).

Turns out that the guy’s wife is a big fan of Lance, and thus the name. And yes, Tiger is named after Tiger Woods. Oh, if you’re not familiar with Corgis, click on the photo to see a much-bigger picture. Corgis have been part of my family since… wow, probably 1972 or so! Presently, we have one that looks just like Lance (Lance is the dog on the right).

Now it’s time to head out for ride#2, at just a wee bit faster pace!

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